Sunday, February 04, 2018


When my hard disk decided to kick the bucket I replaced it with an Ultrasatan. Built like a tank and incredibly versatile but it's (obviously) silent - my old hard drive sounded like a Vulcan Bomber!! Of course, I could have gone down the CosmosEx/Gotek route but I would rather attempt open-heart surgery than risk breaking my Atari ST.

But what about games?? Don't worry, there are alternatives thanks to Peter's Floppy Image Runner program which actually works out surprisingly well as a virtual Gotek. Also, he has adapted hundreds of games to run directly off this device which acts just like a typical hard drive. Believe me, it's so cool and works perfectly.

Yep, I sure love my Ultrasatan which is a superb clump of hardware and one I cannot recommend highly enough. So visit Lotharek's website for more information and lots of other goodies - get yourself one of these beasts!!

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