Friday, February 02, 2018

Goin' Down With The Captain

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Goin' Down With The Captain was developed in GFA Basic by Terry King of Ninth Wave Software and must have one of the silliest titles since those robot monsters invaded our screens! Okay, imagine yourself as the unlucky cabinboy onboard a sinking ship running around looking for all the lifebuoys and it's all in a race against the clock.

Collecting the lifebuoys is easy but you will need to venture deep into the waters to find most because they are all scattered about the ship. Fetch them back to their hangers up on the top deck but you are only able to carry a maximum of two at a time and later levels will require multiple trips into Poseidon's realm.

Leaky pipes, rising water and now a crab has spotted sent us to heaven, ala Monty Mole!

This ain't no killing gameshow!

The flooding is constantly rising thanks to leaky pipes spurting out water. Thankfully, these can be patched with a sticky plaster and some decks have pump levers to help reduce water levels. Flooded decks can still be accessed if you hold your breath and use the air bubbles to top up your oxygen supply. Any treasures you find are yours to keep but beware of snippy crabs roaming the lower decks who are itching to nip at your toes.

The joystick controls are incredible with responsive movements and no learning curve. Using the levers is an entertaining moment that brought back memories of Decathlon albeit waggling up & down!!

Some levels are a little more puzzling with lifebuoys hidden behind locked doors...

Cheap & cheerful

The graphics aren't exactly at a Bitmap Bros standard but they do their job good enough, albeit with the occasional slowdown. Music and sound effects are made from low-quality fuzzy samples which I didn't care for.

Audio is in stereo on the Atari STe but I'd much rather have heard the crisp YM chip over poor samples any day. Yes, that is really picky of me but samples aren't good if they sound bad with a low frequency too. Hence, why many chiptunes are timeless compared to many MODs. Flame me all you like but it's true.

Remember, not every door needs to be unlocked - so use your keys wisely before you drown!

The CryptO'pinion?

This is an oddball game with an amateur feel throughout but it's also fantastic fun. Ignore the bland visuals and the fuzzy audio because the gameplay is top-notch and that's what matters, right? I think Going Down With The Captain is a great platformer, very challenging, addictive and one of the best PD games there is.

Goin' Down With The Captain can be downloaded via AtariMania

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