Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fractal Landscape Generator

Fractal Landscape Generator was developed by David Billington to design mountainous landscapes. It's worth reading the docs before you begin but, for those who never read the manual, there is a mini-guide. Making your first landscape is easy using a superb user interface and the results are produced quickly, even on an 8MHz computer. Thankfully, this makes great use of my 16MHz Mega STe but Hatari will be a bonus too.

The 3D part was initially difficult to grasp but - don't give up - keep on tinkering and creating!! Once you're happy, you can then add light-shading, alter various colour parameters, and increase the detail level. Heck, you can even animate a fly-by through your newly created world.

Dabbling in 16-Bit creation was fun and it was impressive to see what wonders I could knock out. To think I only found it by chance on this disk: Floppyshop ART-3647. It's always a nice feeling when finding something "new" and this is a superb program to get started into the world of fractal landscapes. Give it a try to see what you can create!

These four images were generated using my own Mega STe and I'm really impressed with the results achieved.


  1. This was on an ST Format coverdisk, (Issue 28) but called Fractals Mountain, along with some interesting source code to play with fractals in GFA Basic.

  2. It's like vista pro on the amiga. I rendered a mandelbrot flyby in HAM 4096 colour mode, lasted 7 seconds, took 3 days to render and that was with a 68020 co-pro and 4 meg ram!!

    1. My 8Mhz STe would have had that done within the hour. Easy! :o)

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