Thursday, December 22, 2016

ZX Spectrum

Artemis, by Ralf Hemsing is a Z80 / ZX Spectrum emulator. There are numerous configuration options for the technically minded but sticking with the defaults seem to work well. Her performance is more than acceptable but there sadly appears to be no support for colour. Which isn't too big a deal, who had a colour TV in their bedroom back in 1983 anyhow? ;o)  One game is included and it's a good one, Jetpac! Strangely, this isn't a snapshot but instead something I've not heard of before, a ".PRO" file. Can anyone please help me locate other games in this format?

Artemis comes with no docs, lacks colour and doesn't seem to like any computer faster than an Atari ST/e. But it's always great to discover "new" software and, whilst it might not come close to beating the Speccy emulator, it did run Jetpac far better than I imagined and it certainly offers great #geek appeal for my fellow ST nutters! Enjoy.


 - Floppyshop has the download on disk "UTL-3025" which also features Speccy!
 - I recorded a video of Artemis running Jetpac and me playing the first level ;)

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