Saturday, December 17, 2016


It's been a while since I posted anything in our 'Software' group so I figured that I should remedy this with great news of a fantastic monochrome emulator called MonoPack. Created in 1993(?) by Shrimp of NewCore, it will allow any Atari ST (with a colour display) to instead run in high resolution without the need for a VGA or an old SM125 monitor.

It's always going to be a compromise between speed a quality but this works on either Atari computer with additional support of the STe's Blitter Chip for a faster display. You can also tinker with other settings and then save out to the boot sector of a floppy disk. That's right, there is no program stored within the AUTO folder and your ST will boot up in high-resolution mode almost instantaneously. What an excellent program and I hope you guys also like it?


 - This can be downloaded from Floppyshop on disk "UTL-4370".
 - Shrimp, aka Hans Härröd, is featured on Demozoo.