Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Space Invaders

It's Space Invaders!!

How could anyone ever contemplate the idea of improving Space Invaders? How about supersizing it with lots of cool ideas!! This is exactly what Domark with the imaginatively titled Super Space Invaders, an authentic take on the original idea with an array of next-gen invaders to quench our two-dimensional alien-zapping thirst.

> From the start, we're treated to a superb intro you should watch. I can't stress that enough!

When the game begins, each stage is presented in groups, similar to Blasteroids offering a different path through with each wave starting off slowly and gradually speeding up with each kill. These new invaders will attack using a wide variety of tactics - some will bloat after being shot, thus requiring extra effort. Don't expect the same attack formations, this time they use various styles with some breaking away - Galaxian style!

The intro is legendary. I absolutely loved it and it's definitely something you don't skip!!

Can't knock the classic formula

An easily-targeted mothership frequently passes by and, if destroyed, drops a power-up in true Arkanoid fashion. These power-ups make the entire experience something very special - I love the laser which slices through the alien hoard like a hot knife through butter. And, I must admit, to taking a liking to that rapid-fire power-up!

If Space Invaders ever had a flaw then it's gotta be repetition. But Super Space Invaders attempts to break that by introducing bonus rounds and different stages. Like the flying saucers that are invading the rural countryside abducting cattle, of all things. Finally, groovy end-of-level bosses are on guard - and in urgent need of a good hiding!! I am especially impressed by the boss after level three which I thought was beautifully animated.

Some aliens balloon when hit which is funny but also means more shooting!!


Throughout, the graphics are generally excellent with nicely detailed invaders and I especially liked the huge insects. Unless you take the time to play this game and collect the power-ups you might walk away thinking this is pretty lame with a sluggish framerate and slow. Well, come back and replay. Collect the power-ups and experience what this game has to offer. Finally, the End-Of-Level bosses are a brilliant example of cool pixel art.

Musically, very interesting and I was immediately reminded of Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters. The effects are good but I was disappointed not to hear the famous cannon sounds from the arcade...

Oh no, now those pesky aliens are after cattle. I need burgers so shoot them down now!

The CryptO'pinion?

I think purists will turn up their noses in disgust at this abomination and enjoy picking at what they consider faults. However, it's a cool game in its own right and the power-ups are key to getting the most from this shooter as they transform what would otherwise be a predictable clone into a freakishly entertaining experience.

It's still Space Invaders, but with power-ups and more that bastardise the original idea. It starts off slow but soon becomes a blast and I loved it. Thus, I feel this is a very addictive and entertaining take on the original idea.

Can you protect humanity from Space Invaders?
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