Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Set within a wonderful world of myths and legends, you are the Stormlord a muscle-bound viking dude with the odd responsibility of rescuing trapped fairies from the clutches of a wicked queen. Occasionally you might even find yourself blowing romantic kisses at the scantily clad fairies and, in return, they grace you with their fallen tears. Aww, this sounds far too girly, right? Well, prepare thyself because you couldn't be more wrong!

Stormlord certainly has sex appeal with all the dolly birds... Erm, I meant fairies!

Beginning in a spooky forest, this eerie platformer is host to lots of creepy monsters, like man-eating plants, wibbly worms, bees, egg hatching demons, and more. Thankfully, you're equipped with a magical weapon that can also double as a super huge sword, if you hold down the fire button. Interestingly, springboards are scarcely scattered about the levels and act like a crude wormhole flinging you far into those distant places - lots of fun! There is a puzzle element which involves collecting objects solve basic puzzles, like a key for a door, honey for angry bees, or an umbrella for rain. The most difficult aspect is the order to complete these and that might take lots of trial and error.

Stormlord oozes that marvellous Hewson quality. The graphics are beautifully drawn with lovely animations and smooth screen scrolling. The screen size has been reduced but not so it impacts the gameplay. Music is tremendous throughout, read the credits to see why... I only wish I could activate music AND sound effects during play!

The second level has some aggressive monsters but the object remains the same.

I really love this because it's so addictive and challenging but every so playable. However, I feel the time limit isn't necessary and the ability to carry only the one item is understandable but annoying. Stormlord presents the gamer with a quirky yet gruelling mission task and it has a massive replay factor. Sexy, stylish and highly recommended!


- Stormlord can be installed and ran from off your hard drive, all thanks to the D-Bug guys!
- Floppy disk images are available by using Old Games Finder.
- Here is my complete walk-through for level one which you can also watch in the video:
     -> From the start, head left and pick up the key.
     -> Walk right and onto the jump pad.
     -> Use that to whiz by leftwards so you can free your first fairy.
     -> Once freed, use the pad to jump back.
     -> Next collect the honeypot and walk right.
     -> Don't use that jump pad!
     -> Continue on passed the pad and walk right.
     -> Swap honey for key and the bees move away from the fairy.
     -> Rescue her.
     -> Walk left a little and grab the umbrella.
     -> Now use the jump pad which is now to your right.
     -> Once you've whizzed across the sky, walk right.
     -> Free the fairy.
     -> Walk all the way back and use the jump pad.
     -> Grab the key to your left.
     -> Turn around and walk right and free the fairy.
     -> All done. So now it's time to blow a few kisses!

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