Thursday, March 31, 2016


I've just received my latest gadget from Lotharek, the NetUSBee. This awesome piece of hardware slots into the ST's expansion port to provide both the option for fast ethernet networking and also two modern USB ports.

I've connected my USB mouse which works a treat. Sadly, no other USB devices cannot yet be connected until drivers are written. I hope this changes soon because the potential for this product is huge. However, my main reason for the purchase was to have internet access and I was also dying to try out uIP-tool. More on that another time.

NetUSBee is a fantastic product and built like a tank too. Using a modern mouse is nice but I'm really looking forward to getting the ST connected to my home network. I've already been able to access my FTP file server. Later, I shall attempt to configure STinG and get my Atari ST on the internet with programs like CAB - so wish me luck! :-)

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