Saturday, March 05, 2016


Superfly is a cunning "avoid 'em" scroller controlled with just the one button. As the screen automatically begins to scroll, just press the joystick's button to increase your height. This stops you from crashing into the oncoming objects along with preventing gravity from crashing you into the ground. This might sound familiar to that Flappy Bird but Superfly is a lot faster, slicker and was released way back in 2002!!

Without giving away the storyline, you are in control of a submarine and must rescue your kidnapped girlfriend. Please make sure you read the funny write-up included within the download!!

Running at 50fps, Superfly is extremely smooth and the audio is tremendous with gorgeous tunes. I believe the STe's enhanced hardware is detected and successful players can unlocked features like a gallery and jukebox. This is an insane game which will have you swearing like a docker! Superfly is wicked, yet with an addictive charisma that compels you to play more. Forget frustrating flappy birds and play Superfly instead.


 - Downloads are available for both floppy and hard drive users.
 - Want more? Try the follow-up Santafly!!

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