Tuesday, March 29, 2016

medication time!

It is time for yet another wonderful example of awesome box art from my collection. This time, it's US Gold's fantastic voyage into the human body, Vaxine. A familiar 3D shooter set within a unique environment, the human body. The Assembly Line always developed great games and with Vaxine they made some use of the Atari STe to feature glorious[STE] technicolor along with DMA audio which is a substantial improvement over the STFM.


 - A little Vine video from yours truly (don't expect too much!)
 - Old Games Finder has the floppies and 8BitChip have a download for hard drive users.
 - Fancy a cheat?
          -> during play, type in WILDEBEESTE (or WILDBEESTE)
          -> now pressing F1 - F4 to skip levels.