Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

I needed an egg-related game for Easter which usually means Dizzy or perhaps even Chuckie Egg 2 (Nah, I will never play that terrible game again!). Instead, here is Heartland released in 1996 by Tony Greenwood of Stosser Software and later improved for the Atari STe by TOS-Crew. This is a cracking (sorry) platformer but the upgraded version takes it further with neat sound effects and 50fps hardware scrolling. Fantastic stuff!!

Read the documentation because there's a couple of nifty keys - some pointless, some interesting and there's even a map. Enjoy those lovely graphics whizzing across your screen like silk. Sure proves the potential of the Atari STe which the commercial gaming world chose to largely ignore. What a wonderful upgrade. In fact, I wish there were more Atari STe upgraded versions of games - congrats @TOS-Crew for going that extra mile!!

Grab the floppies or a hard disk installable version and I hope you all have a fantastic Easter †

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