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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

Okay, I needed an egg-related game for Easter which usually means Dizzy or perhaps even Chuckie Egg 2 (Nah, I'll never play that terrible game again!). So, here is Heartland released in 1996 by Tony Greenwood of Stosser Software and later improved for the Atari STe by TOS-Crew with 50fps STe-scrolling. Fantastic stuff!!

Hey, what's Dizzy doing here in the land of whizzy scrolling!


This is a cracking (sorry) platformer but I admit that I struggled to play due to the sheer size of the map. This is a big game and something you either play properly or not at all - unless you enjoy running around for a few minutes just to enjoy the scrolling. What a brilliant upgrade and I really enjoyed those lovely graphics whizzing across your screen like silk. I wasn't so sure about the music though, gimme chip any day!

Move using the cursor key's: left & right
space: jump (or use the joystick or JagPad)
m: map
r: show processor time left rasters
s: toggle sample (STE, Falcon), sound chip, effects and no-sound
Esc: quit the game
c: to toggle between sizzy and sazzy
h: toggle 50/60 Hz (ST, STE only), on 8 MHz machines

Woo, this map is confusing at first. And boy, is this game big. Perhaps too big?

Play it

This sure proves the power of the Atari STe which the commercial gaming world chose to ignore. What a wonderful upgrade. In fact, I wish there were more Atari STe upgraded games - congrats @TOS-Crew for going that extra mile!! Grab the floppies or a hard disk installable version and I hope you all have a great Easter †

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