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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Leaderboard Birdie

Leaderboard Golf was released in 1986 by Access Software and is undoubtedly one of the least technically impressive games to grace the Atari ST. The main menu is rather crude and when the game begins you shall note the usual golfing jargon dotted around the screen to indicate the weather, power and distance. Leaderboard uses a third-person perspective to display our golfer and his many pitfalls that lie ahead - trees, water and bunkers.

Your first requirement is to select a club which you think will be best for the job before lining up the shot and using the correct power and snap (to keep it straight). It's all rather basic but it works ever so well and I recommend you chose the novice level as it by-passes the weather conditions which is helpful when learning the control mechanics.

I'm sure golfing connoisseurs may find Leaderboard unrealistic and far too minimalistic, especially compared to certain others later released. The graphics are laughable but this was 1986 and the Atari ST was only a baby... but equally side-splitting are the sounds! Gotta say I like the swish our golfer makes but my favourite is that mushy sound effect as the ball takes a dip!! Overall, I find this game quite charming, very entertaining, and easy to pick up and play, thus one of the most addictive games I've ever featured here on AtariCrypt (and I don't even like golf!)

Take a swing and play this humble yet highly addictive game yourself on either floppy or hard disk.

Sadly, Leaderboard has no save game feature built-in but there are scorecards inside the box and mine (see the picture below) has pages filled in by the previous owner. I love find stuff like this which I think is excellent as a tiny piece of ST history is preserved. Just a little interesting tidbit for y'all ;-)


  1. You can always print a scorecard from here ;)

    1. No mate, not the same as having the original thing in your hands. Besides, I never use the AM website. Really sucky!!! ;p