Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Race Drivin'

Lots of games have really cool intro "movies" but Domark's Race Drivin' must surely rank high as a personal favourite of mine. It may only last less than a minute but don't let that put you off because it's a fantastic mix of Wacky Races with a dollop of Carmageddon thrown in for good measure. So it's a shame that I stink so BAD playing the game!

Yep, I simply cannot control my car for love nor money. I even considered recording a video but I'm not so sure the world needs to see that. Just trying to steer in anything loosely resembling a straight line is nigh on impossible - I am all over the place like a blind, crazed drunk driver! I do wonder if anybody else can actually play Race Drivin?


 - Stonish has Race Drivin' (the game) on floppy disk menu Adrenalin #10.
 - Stonish also has the intro (only) on the floppy disk menu Sigma #1.