Sunday, March 06, 2016

Page 6 PDL

I thought this would make a fascinating feature because I remember buying PD software from Page 6 when I first became an Atari ST user. Their magazine had been going long before and continued on until 1998, true enthusiasts.

Page 6 are our local slice of Atari history. I'm so happy to see their website online and I figured that every other Atari user would too, especially those from the UK. (my thanks to Steve @digitalwtrfalls for contacting me with this information). Clickety click on this link to enter into the Page 6 website and forum!
"Page 6 is remembered fondly by many Atari owners as a unique and invaluable resource, supporting true enthusiasts in the heyday of Atari home computing"  - Yep, I think that sums up Page 6 rather well actually!