Thursday, March 24, 2016

a day in the life

I have far too many apps gathering dust on my ST-shelf. I figured I should make an effort to learn 'em or bin 'em and up first is Master CAD, by MichTron. So, brushing away a thick layer of dust, I opened up the box and lifted out a rather weighty manual. "Time for a good read", I thought. However, I soon almost fell into a coma because it's extremely dull and rather confusing, I figured it best to simply load it up and have a play!

Installation was the first stumbling block, it insists on the C drive which is doable but cluttering up my boot partition isn't something I'm happy about. The next problem was a lack of examples to work from (steal) so I wasn't off to a glowing start... With little obvious guidance, I continued on best I could but it's clear MichTron written this for the established designer! Thrown in at the deep end, I did attempt to map out a crude plan of the first map from episode one of DOOM, however, this soon became a crazy screen of clutter so I instead mapped out a crude plan of our little house. After xxx time had passed, I realised I had little to show for all my efforts and I've now given up!

Sure, Master CAD appears to be a promising program but the interface is baffling to a noob like me so overall, I wasn't impressed. I think its time I went back to gaming today? Click here to see just how Master CAD affected me!!
Any of you guys have any success with this? ( Atari Mania download )