Wednesday, March 16, 2016

None Shall Pass

Since getting my ultrasatan, I've been filling it up with lots of my work and (if I'm honest)  games!  Although I regularly scan each partition for potential errors, I realised I've never checked for viruses on it (or my floppy disks)

After a searching the web, I discovered that Exxos hosts the final release of Ultimate Virus Killer. UVK, as its known to friends, is by legend Richard Karsmakers and is the premier virus program for all Atari computers. I'm sure everyone had this installed back in the day and I still have my original copy here, albeit a very old version. Ironically, the only virus I have ever knowingly suffered is an early version of the infamous Ghost Virus. As I remember, it was pretty harmless and won't erase any files but instead inverts the vertical mouse axis! What's more annoying is that it can spread from floppy to floppy extremely quickly and you'll soon find yourself with zillions of Ghost-infected disks.

Well, I have finally found the time to scan my entire system with UVK - each partition and my little box of floppies and I'm happy to report no infections. Download UVK and keep that Atari computer clean from the nasties!