Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wolfenstein 3D

You are B.J. Blazkowicz, an all-American hero battling his way through the dreaded Castle Wolfenstein killing every evil Nazi baddie along the way. No, you're not dreaming. Rub your eyes in disbelief all you want because it really is happening - Wolfenstein 3D is running on the 8Mhz Atari ST and enhanced for the STe too.

Yes, this classic ID game has been converted to the Atari ST/e by Reimund Dratwa (The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation) and features 32 on-screen colours, authentic texture mapping, and a high-detail mode (activated by hitting the asterisk key on the numerical keypad). Chipmusic is by Mathieu Stempell and thus truly outstanding as you would expect. Sound effects are fantastic and played using the DMA hardware on the Atari STe.

Everyone knows Wolfenstein helped change the gaming world back in the early 90s - in favour of the PC. Our version is incomplete but what we have is polished and every bit as good as you'd hope. In fact, there's a part of me that still cannot believe this is real and I can only imagine what witchcraft was used for its development! Reimund stayed up most nights coding until 5am and I'm positive he scraped together every last droplet of Atari ST power.

Wolfenstein 3D for the Atari ST - take a moment to think about that. Now, get it downloaded right away!

Download Wolf 3D via 8BitChip.
Update: I've recorded a silly video ;-)

The menu system is clear and concise with incredible details and colour.

Please do remember that Wolf 3D is unfinished and thus not every scenario is playable.

I had to laugh at these drawings which are truly superb, especially the first one!!

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