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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Myth was a promising game by System 3 Software which was released on a number of different platforms except for the Atari ST. Sadly, all we got was a playable demo to whet our appetites before they pulled the plug. There is no audio whatsoever but the first stage is playable in comparison to what I've seen on the net, albeit as a demo.

I've read what I could online but there's no real explanation as to why it was never released. Which is so sad because I got a promising (Gods) vibe from the demo. The graphics are fantastic with smooth scrolling and I really enjoyed kicking and stabbing the demon filth. Yup, this might have been great so I'm gutted System 3 wimped out on us!

For my video recording, I added a great chiptune by ActoDi called Friday.
This funky music is my jazzy way to brighten up a sad story!


  1. Thanx for the credits!

    1. I hope you come back and make more ST tunes. Very talented with a great unique style. Thank YOU. :)