Monday, July 24, 2017

Whitewater Madness

Whitewater Madness was under development in 1989 by Scott Williamson and Ed Schneider for Atari themselves and designed specifically for their new Atari STe computer. Just imagine what would happen if you took the Toobin' idea and added a whole load of violence. Whitewater Madness would be the result, a vertically scrolling shooter which has us sailing a down a bizarre river through time using a small Pod in search of green energy cells.

Collect these to raise your Warp Energy levels to maximum capacity to travel further through time. If successful, we are presented with an information screen telling you just how good (or bad) we did. However, if you failed to collect the required amount then you're sent back to the start again to do it all over again.

I love the psychedelic warp screen before playing Toobin down through the River Raid!

The controls are dead easy to get to grips with and superbly responsive too I might add. I really love the directional method as it works well for fast and efficient guidance along this insane river raid. Picking up green "L" pills will re-charge the Pod and stop it from going BOOM but these are few, so collect as many as possible.

Our dinky is equipped with a rapid firing mounted-gun and it's a good job too because we are under a constant onslaught of hazards and weird creatures. Try and avoid the many dangers such as rocky rapids, mines, artillery and other crazy stuff like kamikaze dinosaurs who love to leap from the shores! There are lots more which you can try and kill during the mayhem; cavemen, something that resembles a pterodactyl, a giant turtle, and centaurs. Love it!!

Use the rapids but watch out for all sorts of nasties - even kamikaze dinosaurs!

Scott tells me that the Blitter was used for the brisk scrolling which smoothly whizzes by and nicely keeps up with the hectic action. The sprites are small yet nicely detailed with one exception, those massive kamikaze dinosaurs who love to leap from the shores - superb!! The DMA coprocessor is used to play the sampled effects and is super-duper but I must admit to being disappointed with the (albeit nice) title tune which sounds "STFM" in quality...

Whitewater Madness has the hallmarks of a fantastic oldskool styled game and something I'd expect to see on the Atari 2600/5200 and that is a compliment. I love the frantic Toobin action which is perfectly balanced thus it's always great fun yet still challenging without ever being impossible. Why Atari didn't release this game is unbelievable because it's a brilliant arcade adventure taking you on a boat ride all the way into retro gaming gold land!!

This download contains the official disk images kindly supplied by Scott himself (w/ source code)

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