Sunday, July 16, 2017


Menace is a great shoot 'em up and one of the few Psygnosis games I love - but what's with that YELLOW ship? I've always hated it so began to wonder if it was possible to change it... So, I contacted Atari ST wizard Peter Putnik and he came back with a solution. As you can see, our spaceship has a brand new paint job!

The caveat is the effect on the status panel, due to their use of the 16-colour palette. Try not to lose too much sleep over that! Of course, the game itself remains exactly the same - but with a spanky-new white ship. My thanks to Peter for being gracious with my request - this version of Menace is the only one I will now play. Love it :-)

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  1. Always remember that you have to shoot the floating [1000] dropped when you destroy and entire enemy battalion to get it to change to other weapons. Weapons are cumulative, not replacements, so it gets fun, especially with the unlimited shield trainer. =)