Thursday, October 16, 2014


I've always liked Pinball but I doubt you'd ever call me an addict of the game. Something about spending cash just to bounce a ball around a jazzy glass box never really grabbed my attention for very long... But, the ST seemed to receive a number of Pinball games and some were possibly better than the real thing? Perhaps that's because I'm tight with money or I just love to see how much the Atari ST/e could impress me!

Starball is different from the competition because it was made by a couple of Lancashire lads who probably had desires to become bedroom millionaires. Now, I doubt that ever happened as many ST gamers had given up following the homebrew scene by 1994, which is a shame because this is blummin' brilliant.

I love the dark tones and each table is different from what I expected with many cool fx.

Check out this awesome graphics and whoever expected to see those guys in a pinball game?!!

I love Starball, it's not got the polish of a certain commercial offering which is understandable, but it's still got its own style and oozes its own brand of character with such different tables. The graphics and sounds are gorgeous and everything moves down your SC1224 very fast. Okay, I'm a little unsure about the physics behind all this glam because sometimes things don't seem to perform as expected, but it's shareware so I must give it a break.

If you love Pinball, this is certainly worth download and I'm positive you'll enjoy it to bits. Too think £5 was the asking price back then is shockingly good value. What a superb "PD" game and possibly one of the ST's best.

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