Saturday, June 13, 2015

Time Bandit

My first impressions of Time Bandit weren't too good. I felt that it was a cheap Gauntlet rip-off but thankfully a pinch of sanity came over me and I decided to continue playing. Please, ignore my foolish first impressions because this is actually a fascinating game. Sure, it first might appear simple but it soon becomes a hefty and addictive challenge.

We start in The Timegates, a place which permits access to numerous other worlds and each is completely different. They range from ancient Egypt to a bomb-making factory and other weird surprises - like the Pac-Man land. They each have their own style and objectives with gameplay that will remind you of Gauntlet, to a degree. Complete the tasks and look for a key because the exit is blocked until you do. Each time you complete a world and choose to re-enter, the difficulty level increases. This is superb and certainly keeps things interesting. Thankfully, you are armed with what I think is a rocket and you've been blessed with unlimited ammo too, which is dandy!!

Time Bandit is a cracking game with so many interesting levels to plunder. Each offers their own unique charm and are great fun. It might look like Gauntlet but it's so different and very addictive. Indeed, a true Atari ST classic.


 - A hard drive installable download is available via 8BitChip.
 - Those the prefer a floppy disk image can find 'em all via Old Games Finder.
 - I made a video recording and guess what - it's awesome! ;o)
 - An incredible walk-through has been written by Marcel Schoen and Blake Patterson has a fantastic web page.