Saturday, June 13, 2015

Time Bandit

I have to admit to being a Time Bandit virgin as I had never even heard of the game until recently! Which is quite sad because it dates back to the glory days of home computing when the Atari ST was a new and fresh faced 16-bit baby born into an aggressive 8-bit world. Interestingly, it was first released on a Tandy before finding it’s rightful place on the Atari ST.

First impressions aren't good. I felt that it was a cheap and nasty Gauntlet rip-off. But thankfully a pinch of sanity came over me and I took the time to play Time Bandit again. Thankfully, you should ignore my first impressions because this is a cool game and although it’s actually very simple it soon becomes a hefty challenge. There are numerous worlds to explore, from a Gauntlet style top-down perspective, and it's up to you where you choose to travel. From ancient Egypt to a bomb-making factory and surprises like a Pac-Man land, each world is completely different and comes with its own unique styles and many baddies, all of whom are waiting for you! But this is certainly the fun part which any Gauntlet fan will love.

Each level has an exit, which is blocked until you find a key. Thankfully, you have an unlimited supply of ammo which (I think) is a rocket! Curiously, each time you complete and re-enter into the same level, the difficulty increases which is kinda awesome! I noticed the lurking adventure element, which adds even more to Time Bandit and this increases its already addictive gameplay. Time Bandit is a cracking game and one I'm addicted to. Indeed, an Atari ST classic.


 - A hard drive installable download is available from 8BitChip.
 - Those the prefer a floppy disk image can find 'em all via Old Games Finder.
 - My video recording and it's awesome! ;o)
 - AtariMania has Time Bandit within their excellent ST database.
 - An awesome walk-through has been written by Marcel Schoen.
 - Blake Patterson has a fantastic Time Bandit web page!