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Saturday, May 12, 2018


Capy is a twist on the Sokoban theme and released in 1998 for the Atari Falcon by YesCREW. We are a shiny ball who desires refuge within an exit tile that is usually located on the other side of the screen. Initial levels are easy and break you in nicely but it soon gets very tough, so careful thought is required to execute the correct route.

Interestingly, there is also the option to create your own "worlds" using an Editor but read the docs before jumping in at the deep end. This is an interesting addition and I hope somebody picks up the gauntlet and has a bash...

Each screen has different tiles that we can use in a variety of ways. Push tiles can be moved almost anywhere and allow access to other areas by fixing holes. Be careful not to push them into a useless part of the map and don't get yourself trapped! Look out for cracked tiles that disintegrate after just one use thus altering your potential path through. Sliders are fun and can transport you across the void very easily and Movable tiles have an arrow pointing in a one-way direction with which to travel. Don't forget to collect the goodies for extra points.

Wow, this game is a tough nut to crack with each screen requiring logical thought. In fact, my first stumbling block was on Level 6 which my old brain really did struggle to compute! This was mainly due to the time restriction (which isn't necessary) so spoils what should be a difficult puzzler played slowly. I asked Swe [Janez] if this could be removed and it wasn't long before Capy got its first upgrade in 20 years!!

Capy is an odd puzzler but I'm sure its cunning levels will have you all stumped for decades! Sadly, there just aren't enough, but there is an editor so perhaps I should pick up that gauntlet myself? Anyhow, with the timer gone, I enjoyed Capy to its full potential without having to rush. Perhaps one day I'll get to view this screen?

Capy has humble requirements: a stock Falcon with a VGA display running in 640x480 / 16 colours.
My download contains the original along with the newly updated "Crypt" version - greetings to Janez!! :)

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