Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Wait, don't go. Come back!!

Muzzy was featured in ST Format (#58) and is a budget puzzler by Enigma Software Developments. It caught my eye because I liked the old skool visuals, plus it's something I've never actually played before. I believe that it should be compatible with both the ST and STe (sadly, it crashes on my STFM but works dandy on the STe).

An intro kicks things off at the start accompanied by stereo music on the Atari STe. Playing my first game was quite confusing and I wasn't sure what to do but you soon learn the game's crazy personality. The object is always the same: collect every gem before being whisked off to do it all over again on the next zany screen.

Of course, the difficulty constantly increases as does the variety of silly mechanics and vicious enemies who can kill you instantly. So fight back by blowing up these pesky critters using bombs. That is always going to be great!

Input & Output

The trusty joystick is used to control little Muzzy which is simple and easy but first feels overly sensitive. Stick with it because pushing against something, whilst pressing fire, will be the most complex action you will learn.

Visually, I doubt Muzzy will blow you away with its tiny sprites, meagre 8-Bit style and by ST standards they suck. But since when have graphics ever made a game better? (Yes, I'm talking to you, Dragon's Lair).

Audio is quite basic and it's disappointing that the DMA wasn't used for lots of jazzy sound effects. Especially considering the excellent stereo tracker music previously heard. Having said that the old YM does a good job.

The CryptO'pinion?

Muzzy is a strange game with its many weird levels that make little sense - it's very different from what I expected. Attack each screen with a 'trial and error' to see what solution is going to work best. In my video recording, the last screen had me stumped but it was actually annoyingly obvious - but that's Muzzy for you!!

It looks peculiar, I know. But get it downloaded because it's great fun and something very different.

AtariMania has Muzzy to download


  1. This game is known as "Snare" on the ZX Spectrum -- same programmer, same sound effects, similar graphics!