Tuesday, May 01, 2018


I remember trying to conquer this belting arcade shoot 'em up on my ZX Spectrum long before I became an ST nutter. However, no matter how much I loved it, I always sucked because it's so difficult. Now, I've not played Commando for absolute ages but remember being just as bad in 16 bits, which my old video recording nicely demonstrates. ^ ^

Thankfully, I've improved with age because I've finally beaten the first stage with its tricky soldiers! Unsurprisingly, our conversion has more glam in comparison to what I remember of that gory Speccy game and I think we received an authentic conversion with responsive controls and gorgeous smooth scrolling. Commando is something that I find myself enjoying and hating in equal measure, so it's a good job this old skool shooter is so addictive!!

Wear camo and grab yourself BB Gun before daring to download Commando for either floppy or hard disk.

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