Monday, June 18, 2018

Rolling Ronny

Rolling Ronny is a scrolling platformer set in the quiet town of Fieldington, a place which recently suffered the theft of their crown jewels. Fortunately, this gang of bumbling thieves were disturbed so hid each jewel inside glittering boxes and scattered them throughout the town before fleeing. Why? I don't know but Scotland Yard then decided it was a good idea to enlist Ronny as their secret agent to recover the stolen jewels in return for a generous reward.

Ronny uses skates to get around this oddball town but he can climb ladders and leap across onto most platforms. He will need every ounce of agility to avoid/kill the nasties that lurk here and boy are there a number of silly creatures so defend yourself by hitting the fire button to fling your supply of killer salamis!! Ronny also has four spare pockets that he can use to store cool gadgets which are essentially power-ups. These offer a variety of functions like a Super Jump or the Magnet which attracts any out of reach items. Oh, and I really love the Power Sneeze!

Hmm, that hole looks tempting! Shall I jump down or roll away?

Ronny needs to watch out for various nasties, even those cute little birdies!

Coins can be collected to use in the town's shop but be wise and leave enough for your bus fare which takes you onto the next level... (why doesn't he just skate there?). Along the way, you might be stopped and asked to run an errand for extra credit, surely an easy way to earn yourself extra credit? Beware, there is a time limit but you're still able to explore without being rushed and you can always top it up in the local shop if you're willing to spend?

The status panel displays various information: love hearts indicate health, a clock is counting down, the number of remaining jewels, gadgets ready to be used and more. The controls are responsive and allow Ronny to easily leap from ledge to ledge but, as usual, reaching for the function keys to activate a gadget is a bit of a pain.

This jump across the water looks tricky! Surely, I can make it in one?

Hang on a moment, there's an actual droplet of water chasing me? Or is it a ghost lol

Throughout, the visuals are constantly fantastic with a superb cartoon quality, comical sprites and smooth scrolling. It's obvious that colour is a big deal because of the richly decorated backgrounds, even the title screen is a stunning Spectrum 512 image. Audio is nice with a sweet title screen tune (that I can't get out my head) and neat in-game sound effects are accompanied by an obsessive tune that always manages to get my foot tapping.

As platformers go, Rolling Ronny doesn't exactly break the mould. Plus a skating clown is a rather odd idea if I'm being honest (well, just look at that hideous barnet and big red nose). There are also a few niggles which I didn't care for, with the most irritating being when I failed to collect enough cash for my bus fare - I hate that!!

However, there is something quirky and extremely entertaining which I love about this sweet platformer. It's so much fun - for all the family - whilst offering a good challenge that keeps you coming back for more. This ain't no lame Amiga port, a lot of love went into making Rolling Ronny. One of the best platformers for the Atari ST.

Grab the floppy and hard disk versions from Klaz!


  1. These are all good games I am going to make them all available as a virtual hard drive on the Gotek HXC drive I do believe that they will all fit on a 32.5 MB drive eh? Russ Campbell

    1. All? Which games Russ? Depends on their size but you should get a few dozen games onto your partition. I use an Ultrasatan for hdd games you see, not Gotek.