Friday, June 29, 2018


This game is bug-ridden!

This game feels familiar but, this time we're a ladybird who kills insects with her Spit Laser weapon! Yep, Insecticide is a Robotron-inspired shoot 'em up by Peter Hague where each screen is littered with two types of critters for us to destroy: those that move must be killed quickly but the quiet ones are sleeping and offer extra points or bonuses. Controlling our ladybird is easy in all four directions plus also a diagonal flying manoeuvre for quick motion.

Shooting the moth, which dallies along at the top of your screen, gains extra speed - but only for the current level. Weirdly, you shall hear "Nairobi" when you kill it but this makes sense once you've read the docs. Yeah, I know... who reads the docs? Every eighth level a "parent" turns up for a battle which makes a nice boss fight that isn't too difficult and doesn't ruin the momentum so you're soon back fighting the insect hoard once again.

I seriously doubt that Llamatron fans will be convinced by Insecticide? However, this is a fantastic game in its own right and definitely worth playing. What it lacks in originality it - more than - makes up with great gameplay, jazzy colour cycling and sampled sounds. I've enjoyed this silly alternative to the Robotron theme. My final word: Nairobi!!!!!

Download the newly updated version of Insecticide released yesterday :-)
Ironically, it's had many bugs squashed so fine on all computers [thanks PP!!]

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