Friday, March 22, 2019

Time Slices

I sometimes receive requests for game reviews or demos which somebody's not seen since back in the day. Today, I was asked by STS to make a video of Time Slices by Defence Force for his awesome demoscene blog.

This is a monochrome demo for the Atari STe which was released at STNICCC 2015. However, emulation and my old Mac play a good part in destroying the quality so I apologise for that. Thankfully, after a few minor adjustments, the sound improved and the darn thing stopped flickering long enough to give you guys a good idea how cool it is, especially for something Commodore themed!! ;-) However, nothing beats real hardware so dig out your SM124 asap. You know, I really enjoy requests so thanks to STS and don't forget to check out his amazing blog.

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