Saturday, May 11, 2019

Manic Miner (again!)

If you guys hadn't noticed I've slowed down somewhat this year but I figured I should try and get back into the swing of things so booted up probably the best game release of last year - Manic Miner. You know, this is something that I still find hard to believe is within our ST library, and it's all thanks to nothing more than a cruel windup lol

Manic Miner is the classic platformer and something which I grew up playing on my ZX Spectrum back in 1983 and then throughout the decades that followed. Never have I bored of this beauty because it's so simple yet incredibly addictive. Well, except for those killer levels which I still cannot complete after nearly 40 years: The Warehouse, Skylab Landing Bay and Solar Power Plant. That's pretty sad, right? But it's completely true...sigh.

Anyhow, enough waffling because here is a video showing snippets from each of the twenty levels. Now, those with eager eyes (and ears) will notice that this is STILL unfinished (come on, Peter pull yer finger out mate!!!) but I'm sure you will still enjoy what is nothing short of an outstanding Atari ST remake of the Matthew Smith original.

The download is linked above but I'll update Y'all with news of future improvements as and when things happen.