Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Fancy a dollop of English folklore?

Okay, I haven't posted any box art from my own collection in a while. So, I figured a guy in tights, lurking in the woods, was the perfect way to end this bleak streak? Hang on, that didn't sound too good! Anyhow, The Adventures Of Robin Hood was released in 1991 by Millennium Software and is an RPG similar in appearance to certain 3D isometric God games.

The box is absolutely awesome and in good condition with all contents too. It's quite something to think this has been kept for 30 years and feels (almost) as good as it did back in the day. Anyhow, what I like is that it boasts this statement "the most original real-time adventure ever produced". Errol Flynn would approve or is that a load of nonsense?

Wanna see the back of the box and what's inside? Scroll down...

Sadly, the back of the box is ruined by screenshots from an Ameoba. Otherwise, I like it! ;p

Here's the disk to change your life. But whose idea was it to stamp green onto a blue disk?

Who remembers the TV show Robin of Sherwood?

Right then, it begins with a cool intro depicting life in Nottingham Castle. However, it's not long before the nasty Sheriff appears and kicks Robin Hood out onto the street where he suffers cold shoulders and verbal abuse. These peasants continue to go about their day (that aspect intrigues me) and there are many interesting folk.

The Sheriff is ruthless! The people need a hero who is willing to wear tights, find a band of Merry Men, and camp out in the woods. All perfectly normal, honest. Joking aside, I loved watching the intro so am eager to finally take up the challenge of this rather spiffy RPG - which has been sitting on my shelf for too many years!! :/

I only hope the user interface is intuitive with elegance to its design because games of this ilk can suffer from cumbersome controls or an over-complicated interface. The last thing we need is something fiddly which hampers the experience so I'm hoping for less Galdregon's Domain and more Shadowlands if I'm being honest.

The manual is great and very concise with helpful information. A good read indeed.

Ohhh this is interesting. It folds out like a poster but contains bucketloads of tips and extra help!

The CryptO'pinion? No, not yet!

Yes, I'm really looking forward to exploring Nottinghamshire to see what fun adventures await within the legendary Sherwood Forest. The graphics look so tiny but it works well with lavish colours and beautiful details to the surroundings. Just look at the buildings! Love 'em so I'm eager to see what else there is.

I think this is going to be an enjoyable romp of quirky sorts, which you don't find in many games? Have you guys played this? I would love to know what you think in the comments below. Until then, I'm going to make time to kill forest baddies, capture the castle, and defeat the Sheriff before King Richard returns home for tea.

Watch this space for a review later in the year but, until then, enjoy these screenshots... :-)

Once upon a time, in God's country, there was a lovely and peaceful place called Loxley.

The folk here had it good with dancing, beer and music. Life doesn't get any better than this!

Hang on, a new Sheriff has arrived and he's not a particularly nice guy...

Robin gets kicked out of his spanky castle and the townsfolk ain't exactly supportive!

Yep, bumping into anyone proves to be an eye-opener. Billy no mates!

Fascinatingly, the medieval world continues to spin... Life carries on!

What? Wait a minute! What is that?? A dragon?? RUN!!!!

Right, come on Robin it's time to put on those big boy pants and sort out this evil dude!!


  1. In this time of hardship it's comforting to read something refreshing and relaxing. This game looks nice. Now that you have traveled through time, in the middle-age, I hope we'll have the pleasure to read a review of defender of the crown! Thanks mate 😊

    1. Thanks mate! I appreciate your comment here too :)

      The ST has so many life-sucking games which take up all my time. Like the recent Temple of Apshai and then others you'll see here like Rogue, Shadowlands, Frontier, etc...
      Defender of the crown IS on my list but I fear it'll be a while. I need double the hours in every day lately :D

  2. This was a modern RPG - i liked this for its friendly interface. And i liked why you could adventure around as one wanted

    1. This aspect alone grabbed my attention. It's what I did with Hunter tbh. IE, whatever I liked.

      Play the game properly? Hell no!! LOL

  3. This game was wildly underappreciated! There was a lot of depth to the game's engine. If you rush there game, and know all the quirks, you can reach the ending in a few minutes. But if you allow it to play for a flood while, the different characters interact in interesting ways. The laws the Sherriff enacts get increasingly more draconian and the guards enforce them on the presents. The monks actually build and expand the monastery, which is great fun to watch. There is even very rudimentary economy as the peasants hunt and taxes get collected. Robin, of course, plays a vital role in the economy by recirculating the wealth. There is even a tension between the Christian and pagan faiths. Really wonderful game that needs a lot of time spent to fully appreciate. Watching the peasants go about their business hunting, farming, even bathing in the spring. The seasons add a lot as well; they're more than cosmetic. Thanks for posting this; lots of good memories from this game.

    1. My apologies mate, I appeared to have missed this comment. Don't remember seeing an alert :( Your points are quite true. And there is so much content and depth. This is one of those games you need the wife and kids to visit distant relatives. And STay over for the night! Otherwise you'll miss much of this content. Excellent!!! :D