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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mr. Do! Run Run

4-bitplane sex appeal

It's been a long time since I added something cool into our Pixel Art section so let's fix that right now with what I personally consider to be a fantastic arcade conversion with utterly gorrrrrgeous visuals! Yep, it's Mr Do! Run Run which was released in 1990 by Time Soldier dudes, Electrocoin. (I quite liked that quirky shooter).

The sweet pixels were created by Gary Felix who was responsible for Exolon, Future Sports and others. Ignoring the rather lame animated intro (sorry Gary) the clown title screen demonstrates what to expect from this arcade game. Even though it's peculiarly freaky, especially is you hate clowns. In-game graphics are nicely authentic to the arcade original using a rich, bold style with cutesy sprites. Lovers of Mr Do and PacMan are instantly going to feel at home in this world of colour. In fact, it almost makes Rainbow Island look drab. Well, it's just as glam.

Shockingly awesome conversion!

In this top-down runaround, we play the part of a clown who dashes around the screen collecting fruit whilst trying to avoid various nasties that are chasing. We're armed with one ball to defend ourselves but this can be replaced by picking up several smaller balls off the floor. Heavy logs have been precariously propped and require only one well-timed nudge to see it roll down the screen squashing anything in its path. Just don't get in the way!

This gameplay is similar to PacMan but Mr Do is also writing a line as he moves (think Qix). Use this to draw a box and turn the pills into fruits: repeat the process to flip them into oranges, lemons and eventually pineapples for extra points. Yes, it is 'familiar' but the gameplay mechanics are excellent to provide a frantic adrenalin rush as you race around. The level is completed once all the balls are collected or the baddies are dead.

Hang on, we have more?

Now, although this is a Pixel Art feature, I feel I must mention the music by Wally Beben. I'm often amazed what the ST can produce but I feel he knocked the ball out of the park with truly outstanding arcade sounds:

The CryptO'pinion?

Mr Do! Run Run is a tough game and the first screen will kick your butt!!! Stick with it. The joy I felt when finally reaching the second level was an ecstatic moment indeed. My advice: ignore the Qix elements and concentrate on mastering the controls and killing monsters with your ball(s). Once you're comfortable, then learn how to farm fruits and collect the bonuses. Not to mention the panic of learning just when to roll those logs :-)

Personally, I think this is one of the most overlooked ST arcade conversions. It is absolutely superb but, enough yapping from me because I think it's time to view some cool screenshots and get it downloaded!!


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