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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My ST shelves!

A peep into the inner world of the Crypt!

A long long time ago I had an ST shelf and I was very happy. But then along came a woman who wanted to redecorate and the idea of an old games shelf didn't quite fit in with her plans. Not having a backbone, I obliged and I endured a shelf-less life with all my lovely ST games boxed away, probably never to been seen again.

Thankfully, those dark years have finally come to an end as I've been granted an opportunity to display my prize positions once again. I admit that my little corner of the bedroom is hardly a man cave, but it will suffice. Well, for now! She doesn't know that I've got some posters and I'm talking Vixen, Game Over and Barbarian ;-)

I love my new shelves but I've been ordered to keep 'em dust-free and that will be tough because I'm a bloke and that means I don't do housework!! Ha. Anyhow, I better try because I'm going to push for a couple more shelves soon - so wish me luck as I've got more ST GEMs that need to be displayed for all to admire. Well, me really!

Isn't it funny when something as simple as a shelf can actually make you happy? Hmm.

Of course, it's so much more practical to boot ST games this way. But that's not as much fun, right?

Okay, let's have some feedback?

What does your ST world look like? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear about it. Sadly, I cannot accept photos in the comments (blame google!) and nobody uses email, right? So why not pop over to our (lame) Facebook page and send me some photos? (I really should remember to update that more)

Okay, let's take a closer look at some of my favourite Atari ST games and a few gorgeous new books...

Three classic books and some lovely games. Especially, the Elvira box. Work-of-art that one!

The same shelf, different angel - I'm getting creative. Here you can see two fantastic new products.

My little box of working floppies - that I use over and over to playtest my Crypt games :-)

Oi, stop drooling over your keyboard. Yes, this is a fine selection alright. Boy, I love the ST!!!

Okay, I wimped out and put up Resolution 101 instead but it's one of my favourite Atari ST games!


And today I get a new bookshelf donated to the Crypt from my beautiful wife. More ST games!!

Yep, I'm now surrounded by my collection of Atari ST games and they all work too, which is nice.


  1. Looks awesome. I have new shelves going in in the summer...we'll have to wait for the American ST corner =)

    1. Thanks :) Ideally, I'd kick the wife out of this room and convert it completely to the ST. However, we'd have nowhere to sleep and I'm sure by then, she'd have kicked me out anyhow! Ah well....

      I look forward to your photos! Maybe on the facebook page linked above?