Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Fire & Brimstone -mapped

Fancy a holiday in Nilfheim?

Are you ready for more ST game maps? I hope so... and this time it's a Nordic platformer that is so tough I genuinely cannot imagine anyone playing it without cheating. That's right, it's the dreaded Fire And Brimstone by Vectordean/Firebird which you may remember was featured on AtariCrypt many moons ago? Wow, how time flies...

Anyhow, it's been fun trolling through the entire game but, there's no way I'd have beaten the first level without infinite lives. Absolutely no way! Regardless, I love this platformer. But what were they thinking with such unfair difficulty, like the stupid bosses or those ledges that set alight without any warning? Ugh, those killed me too many times to count!

Perhaps we were tougher back then? I've obviously gone soft but not enough to wimp away from weeks of mapping. Scroll down and check out the thumbnail of my "hard work". The hi-res images can be downloaded by clicking here. 👈🏻

* I wanna send a shout-out to Chris Sorrell for his striking pixel art. Mind-boggling quality!!
* There are lots of downloads but I preferred playing D-Bug's excellent crack.
* ST Format featured a basic walkthrough of the earlier levels in issues 11-13.
* Greetings to Maarten from Atari Legend for his incredible fuji support.
* What? You missed our review... sheesh why do I bother? :p Go on, click this link!
* Hey, there are more Game Maps on my website, just look to the right for that link...

This has been another fantastic Atari ST platformer that I have thoroughly enjoyed mapping. Interestingly, I did find a couple of "bugs" along the way. Level 5 is impossible without carrying a blue potion. However, you had to know about that before leaving level 4 as there isn't one to collect. Very odd, so I'm glad that I kept my older game saves to return to!

Anyhow, it might have taken several agonising weeks and lots of tears (lol) but I hope you like this collection of ST maps? Yes/No? Let me know in the comments below... but whatever you think, do one thing - STay Atari.

No, don't bother clicking this picture - just download the hi-res image from the above link!

And after all my hard work the end screen isn't exactly worth waiting for! Can you beat my score??

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