Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I remember reading the review of Strider in ST Format who made it appear so brilliant and even explained how the ST may have had smaller sprites but the gameplay was faster and better than the Amiga. I foolishly believed them and wasted my cash on a game I could not play. Boy, was I terrible lol!! In fact, I recently gave it this silly mention but wasn't too kind as I remembered about its jerky scrolling and that ridiculous difficulty level.

Since then I've mellowed - and come to realise my gaming skills suck - so I figured I should give it another go. You know, being older and wiser. Ahem, anyhow Strider was surprisingly developed by Tiertex and is one of many arcade conversions requested by a good friend. So, almost three decades have passed... let's see what I think today...


I can't lie. I played several games but still found it extremely difficult and failed to beat the first boss, a Flash Gordon wannabe. Eventually, I did it but then fire rained down and halted my cries of joy!! Thankfully, I beat him on the next attempt and proceeded to a whacky place which I enjoyed and wished was longer. Sadly, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't beat the next boss so that was that and I gave up [watch the first part of my recording]

For some odd reason, I felt brave and loaded up Strider once again to enjoy my greatest success. I even beat the worm thingy to make it onto the next stage which I've never played - ever!! This starts off great with big cats that wanted to eat me before a giant mechanical creature thing tried its luck. Banging on the fire button proved profitable and I beat him quite easily but I died later by a circular saw which came outta nowhere. Quite unfair because it's impossible to see it approaching off-screen... [all within the second part of my recording]


Dear ST Format, I've hated your review for years but today I hold my hands up to apologise for all my nasty thoughts!! Please forgive me because you guys rocked and my gaming skills SUCKED ;p

Yeah, Strider is absolutely superb so now I'm tempted to whack on the trainer and play to the end? Okay, I still think that the scrolling could have been better (ala Turrican) but the gameplay is furious and makes the Amiga conversion look dull as dishwater. Strider is sleek and bucket loads of fun so don't be a fool and load it up right now.

Klaz has a spiced-up version for both floppy and hard drives which has a fascinating option for faster gameplay!!

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