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Let's get medieval!

Joust is a cracker - whether solo or with a mate - and all you need is medieval chainmail and a flying ostrich. I think this is one of those games that everyone loves so I figured that I should record a video demonstrating different versions? This also includes Winglord, an awesome take on the theme for the Atari STe.

Note: I used OpenEmu to emulate the Atari 2600/5200/7800 and Hatari for the Atari ST/e computers. My recording is best viewed directly on YouTube as each part is linked within its description.

Okay, let's start at the beginning and see what's what in the jousting world...

- A T A R I  2 6 0 0 -

First up is the Atari 2600 which I'm saddened to report I did not enjoy nearly as much as I was expecting. I don't know what it is, but I didn't gel with this version at all. Yes, the gameplay was quick and fun but I was also left a little baffled as to why I wasn't enjoying it that much. I guess that I never felt totally comfortable with the controls.

However, I will say that the sound effects are typically 2600 and very raspy! This, I absolutely love about the machine because it's so cool. Ultimately, I came away feeling cold so this isn't something I'll return to.

- A T A R I  5 2 0 0 -

I'll always be the first to admit that I'm a noob concerning the old consoles but the Atari 5200 never seems to disappoint me. Once again, it delivers the goods with a fascinating conversion that is fast and frantic but always fun and well-balanced. And it's that what I enjoyed the most for maximum, fair and balanced, gameplay.

Okay, the graphics aren't exactly pushing this machine but that doesn't matter at all. The sound effects are a brilliant step-up from those on the 2600, which I loved. The 5200 knocks it out of the park with a killer and zany experience. Looks bad, sounds great, plays even better. What a fantastic version of Joust this is!!

- A T A R I  7 8 0 0 -

Next up is the obscure Atari 7800 and what a tough conversion this machine brought to the table. It's pretty much as you would expect, so more of the same Joust'y goodness. In fact, it looks, sounds and plays superbly well but is it a hard nut to crack. Over and over (and over again) I would fail miserably and I began to question why I bother!

Like the 5200, I found the controls perfect even if I failed to progress much (and that's an understatement). This version could/should have been the best of the lot but it's just so darn difficult. Make sure you watch my video for a hilarious end to this game - I think this sums up my luck rather well with this game?

- A T A R I  S T -

Onto the Atari ST and the boys did a fantastic job. After a peculiar title screen, we are greeted with detailed sprites and lovely animations - they sure look the part!! The gameplay is spot-on perfect thanks to awesome mechanics. This is a belting conversion that I find hard to fault because it's fun to play without the irritation of being too difficult.

I'm trying not to sound like an ST fanboy but I genuinely had the most fun here. A perfect 10/10.

Floppies can be found via Old Games Finder but install to a hard drive if you can.

- A T A R I  S T e -

Winglord by Victor Bruhn is something possibly unknown to many and it runs on both ST computers - but is best on the Atari STe thanks to Blitted graphics and lots of funky DMA sounds. There are a number of changes, like unicorns and yellow jackets so it's hardly an authentic clone. Which I'm glad of. Plus I love how the unicorns strut their stuff and did I mention that we have missiles? Oh yeah!! Winglord is a magnificent alternative to Joust.

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