Thursday, March 08, 2018

Atari ST games I HATE!!

My ST love is DEAD!!

Today, I decided it might be 'fun' to play a handful of games I have always hated. Good idea, right? Well, as it turns out, there are lots of games I absolutely hate and there are far more games I am really bad at too. Hmm, I think it's a skill of mine to find these games? Well, here is just a handful of games I hate for these reasons:

First up is Lemmings, a game everybody went crazy for but I couldn't find any joy in herding those docile and idiotic critters. A few screens in, I would soon discover that I had no tolerance for their stupidity and thus, found it irritating. Instead, I would deliberately watch them plummet to their death or explode. Now, that was fun!!

Next is a great conversion of the monster arcade hit, Hard Drivin'. This sure looks the part with its fancy polygons and whacky stunts enticing you to try your luck. However, it never goes to plan for me as I cannot steer the car in anything that resembles a straight line. In fact, I drive and corner worse than a drunk Stevie Wonder.

Next is Strider, a game I saw in ST Format and it looked amazing. They gave it a glowing review so I went out and spent all my pennies. Well, I certainly won't be giving it a glowing review because I cannot stand this platformer for more than a few minutes - without throwing down the joystick!! A terrible Tiertex port. (UPDATE) < < < < <

Yolanda is another platformer and one I've always thought was curiously interesting. The sprites are superb and it has a funny title screen so I've often wondered if it played as well as it looked? Well, this is my experience:

Start the game... Wonder what to do. Die. Start the game again... Run left. Die. Start the game once again... Run right. Die. Start the game one more time... Panic. Die. Reboot the Atari ST. And that's about all there is to it.


The CryptO'pinion?

In case you're wondering, this post was just for a bit of fun. Well, except for the part about Lemmings which I personally consider to be another lame Amiga port by Psygnosis. Yes, I'm no fan of a software house that had no commitment or dedication to the Atari ST. Ignoring the odd game like Blood Money and Anarchy, they sucked with their rushed ports. My apologies to their fans throughout the world. Sorry, not sorry.

I hope you enjoyed this little article? What ST games do you hate? Let me know in the comments below...

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