Sunday, October 14, 2018


Yomo is an oldskool shoot 'em up by Aaron Fothergill for Mandarin Software and a runner-up in The 1989 Games Writer Of The Year Award competition. I've always liked its 8-bit look and finally got around to booting it up. Firstly, don't get your hopes up too high because this ain't no glamourous Bitmap Brothers product: the graphics are pretty much lame with titchy sprites and ugly scrolling that had my Atari STe crying out in agony. However, I must admit that the sounds aren't too bad and those crunchy samples are quite nice - the lightning is oddly my favourite.

The world is viewed two-dimensionally with a landscape populated by many destructible buildings and whacky vehicles which use the most frustrating mechanics. Our character is a tiny stickman who's on a mission to recover a dodgy nuke dropped behind enemy lines. However, this won't be easy because the baddies are constantly attacking so why not fire off a few heat-seeking missiles before jumping inside something probably stolen from the 1960s? On foot isn't fun, but if you see other stickmen wobbling across your screen then hit fire and gun 'em down!!

Yomo is complete pants but its also surprisingly fun and the ability to jump into any aircraft is genius. However, there isn't enough given ammo and collecting extra supplies is laborious and quite tricky during the heat of battle. Overall, Yomo is frustrating and quite difficult but if you enjoy blowing stuff up then it's possibly worth downloading.


  1. it look very confusing to me, maybe my eyes is just getting to old

    1. Yeah there's something very cool and so 8-Bit about this which I love. But it's hard and pretty confusing too, I think the developer tried to do too much. Maybe...? Needed far better scrolling though. I wonder if STOS supported the Blitter or even the STe back in 1990?