Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Manic Miner

There are now 3 videos of ST Manic Miner which you can find on our YouTube Channel.

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to present Manic Miner for the Atari ST which has been InDev throughout much of the year by Peter Jørgensen. It's a brand new remake with redesigned graphics and funky music (sound effects still to be completed). Each and every one of the twenty screens is included but there will also be a few surprising extras which I'm very excited about. However, we’re keeping these under wraps for the time being.

Please do note, this a WIP and thus unfinished. As you will soon see, each level faithfully follows the same design mechanics of the original but don't for a second think this means we have a boring carbon copy ripoff. Willy's adventure has received a cool 16-Bit makeover with beautiful YMT audio and each screen has been designed with painstaking attention to detail. Before you ask, yes the gameplay will remain authentic to the old 8-Bit days.

Keeping this project quiet from my friends was very tough but beta testing each release over the last few months has been a joy. It's so impressive to see how it has transformed from a (cruel) joke into a fully playable game. The final version is only weeks away so you know where to go when the download is released - watch this space :-)

Update - the latest *beta* is now available to download via the Demozoo website!!

Wacky Amoebatrons and The Endorian Forest not only have cool names but are favourites of mine.

Can you complete all twenty screens without cheating? Luckily, beta testers have extra lives!!

A few words from Peter...

I wrote Manic Miner because I have a friend that was very sad that this platformer didn’t exist for the ST. So I thought that I would make him happy and began drawing the title picture which soon lead me onto designing the intro screen - but I only wanted to make a prank for April 1st. Sadly, I did not finish in time. Then the idea started to continue on with the programming and see what happens. However, I’ve not made a game in decades because life always got in the way but I wanted to do this remake just to stop my friend from crying. So you could say that this is a Manic Miner AtariCrypt Edition!

My goal was to make the gameplay feel as close to the original as I possibly could but still take advanced of the Atari ST's hardware. Thus, this is a remake rather than a conversion because I have not used a single piece of the original code. I have spent many hours analysing each level, and I’ve used the original sprites and recoloured them but some needed minor changes to work. The map graphics were changed in a big way, to what I think was the idea was behind each level. I played the MSX version so I could see how the game acts and I also think this is close to the Speccy original.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results and I hope people enjoy playing Manic Miner again :-)

The Vat has a change of colour and the Kong Beast looks like he's blowing kisses! (sorry Peter) ;p

Kong Beast returns for a tougher battle... but... Argghhh, I hate those annoying freaky telephones!


  1. Love this news! I am HUGE fan of MM & JSW so this came as a very nice surprice! long for the final game then! :D

  2. Soon there will be a download :)