Friday, February 01, 2019

Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death

I've just taken delivery of what is possibly my last purchase for the Atari ST, Hibernated 1 by Stefan Vogt. You know, I feel like I've waited years for this to pop through my letterbox but it is here and I'm ecstatic to report a brilliant product. I'm unsure whether or not to remove the plastic seal... bah!! Of course, I've already unwrapped it!! :D

Hibernated was reviewed back in August (how time flies) and I included an animation to demonstrate the game's awesome sense of humour during the exploration - all links and a download/purchase are available here.

You know, I think I might be getting back into the swing of things here... Atari ST #ftw !!


  1. Hi Steve my friend, is there a deeper meaning with this title? 😉

    1. lol perhaps so judging by the last few weeks ;)