Monday, August 27, 2018

Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death

Hibernated 1: This Place is Death is a sci-fi text adventure by Stefan Vogt released for a variety of different platforms along with our beautiful Atari ST. We are Olivia Lund onboard the intergalactic spaceship, Polaris-7, who has awoken from stasis too soon. The ship appears recently abandoned and has been caught by an alien tracker-beam...

You know, text adventures aren't usually my cuppa tea as my brain needs to be fed something visual before I wander off dazed and bored! But I gotta say, I've enjoyed myself today and found this to be a rather splendid adventure with great humour. The parser is easy to use with its two-word command system using Examine, Get, Open, Search, Move, etc. Also, there are shortcuts: I for Inventory and R to redescribe the current location. Medium resolution is supported but oddly not monochrome... The docs advised making a map and that is a very good idea!!

Hibernated 1 is possibly the first of a new trilogy which can be downloaded and bought right now. Name your own price - which I think that is a wonderful idea - thus play before you pay. Any text-adventurers lurking out there?

UPDATE: You can now purchase a physical boxed version which I will definitely order! :-)

This adventure has a great personality with cheeky remarks using buckets of humour [click 'em]

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