Friday, July 03, 2015

Dragon Lord

Have you ever spent time trying to learn a game only come away baffled and wondering just why you bothered? All those lost hours spent in agony and you will never get ‘em back! Well, here is Dragon Lord, an unusual multi-screen platformer released by 16-32 Diffusion.

You get to play the part of a huge dragon, who appears to be living in a whole wide world of weird! The objective is to become the new dragon lord which means plundering through over a hundred screens looking for artefacts, killing strangely fascinating creatures and ultimately battling an evil guardian. Actually, it's rather simplistic and very easy to pick-up and play but feels somewhat homebrew in quality. Playing Dragon Lord can be fun and its great breathing fire onto a scorched enemy. Getting around can, however, feel a little clumsy because you’re controlling such a huge sprite within a tight environment. I also found the map design a little laborious and would often end up getting lost, thus I wandered and then spent my time burning all the bad guys! Well, why not?

The visuals are quite (ahem) unique. Pretty amateur artwork that looks like it was coloured in by somebody suffering from severe colour-blindness! Ignoring this graphical nightmare because Dragon Lord’s sprites are massive and also of a great and humorous variety! Sadly the sound effects are pretty much a joke and the less said the better. Overall, I was quite disappointed because I can see the potential, however, it simply doesn’t gel together very well. Dragon Lord's poor mechanics and those eye-bleeding graphics spoil what could have been an interesting game. Having said all that, I did find myself having “just one more go” yet I cannot for the life of me think why!


 - I couldn't find an adapted version for hard drives but Old Games Finder has the floppies!
 - AtariMania features Dragon Lord within their ST database website.