Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Untouchables

I need a cold beer!

When I first started playing this game, I thought it was a damn fine platform/shooter with some pretty cool graphics that scroll across the screen very smoothly. The gameplay isn't easy, it's frantic and never lets up so is very challenging. But it's all downhill after this stage because the other levels feel rushed and I never did enjoy "shooting gallery" games outside of the arcades. The Untouchables might be showing off its diversity but sometimes enough is enough.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is the final level which I hoped would share some similarities with Alien Syndrome or Gauntlet. Sadly this wasn't the case and I think the developers are truly sadistic!! An irritating level. So, the first level is brilliant because it's all about killing people but, the other levels? Hmm, not so much.

I feel bad writing this as Ocean are gaming gods with quality Atari ST games within their library. Heck, I remember Ocean when they were called Spectrum Software, but every company made some stinkers, right?

A game of many genres doesn't work. In fact, it fails because it becomes a jack of all trades rather than a master. So, I would rate level one around 90% because it's great fun. However, as an overall rating, The Untouchables be around 60%

Cheats for the floppy game -
  1. Pause the game first with F10 key and then :
  2. Level 1 - type in BRIDGE ROLLS to begin level 2
  3. Level 2 - type in MAC N ALLEY to begin level 3
  4. Level 3 - type in KID ZAPPING to begin level 4
  5. Level 4 - type in A NIT IN TIME to begin level 5

Cheats for the hard drive game -
  1. Pause with F10
  2. then press N N (twice) to skip to the next level.

Yeah, I own this game!! :o)

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