Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Ork is a scrolling platform shoot 'em up by Psygnosis that involves a rather angry looking dude with a big gun. Yep sounds good to me already, but Psygnosis have never been a favourite company of mine - it's obvious where their preference lay. Thankfully, they did make some good Atari ST games and I hoped Ork might be one of them.

Ku-Kabul is a wannabe space captain who has to suffer a series of tests on alien infested words to prove my worth. After a nice intro, with cool title music, Ork bares its gorgeous assets for all, with well-defined graphics accompanied by colourful backgrounds. All sound effects are made up from samples and add a punch of attitude as you run around on your killing spree. I'm reminded a little of Shadow Of The Beast and Leander with maybe a slice of Killing Gameshow too because the gameplay consists of solving puzzles and killing lots (and lots) of baddies. Thankfully, he is supplied with a cool laser cannon and a jet booster to defend himself.

The puzzles aren't overbearing and the required tasks are pretty easy. Progression to the next level won't be allowed until solved because each has a guardian who won't let you pass until you cross his palm with silver, thus providing us with a little puzzle element. However, it's the action which I enjoyed the most, and it is certainly fun blasting those trippy aliens that frantically race around the screen just asking to be blown up!

Ork is a great mix of platformer, puzzler and shoot 'em up but I do feel an extra nip of speed would have made things perfect. It's a shame Psygnosis failed (once again) to use the enhanced hardware (see below if you have a faster Atari). However, this is my only gripe because I can highly recommend Ork which offers lots of gun-love action!


 - Download Ork from 8BitChip especially if you have a faster Atari computer because it will support it.
 - Anyone needing those floppy disks should use Fuzion #185 thanks to Stonish.
 - Here is a MOD file of the Ork title theme tune which is very nice!

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