Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Sliders is a "sports" game by Microids for both models of the best 16-Bit computer on the planet. It's the same on either machine but the scrolling is jerky on the STFM compared to the silky [50fps] displayed by an Atari STe.

The boys at Microids sure had a silly idea about what the future holds for sporting events and where thinking along the lines of ice hockey played on an isometric marble madness landscape. The play area is large so you are first given a smaller map to view followed by an automated tour detailing the layout. Gameplay is fast and furious and played on a confusing metallic pitch with lots of frustrating features like forced-directional arrow pads and far too many hills which will affect control. Interestingly, you do have the option to alter various physics elements like thrust, friction to alter the physics somewhat. Realistic physics can affect your momentum substantially and this means you have a massive learning curve to master long before you even think about having any enjoyment.

Balls fighting, one-on-one, over a smaller ball is hardly an interesting or innovative idea. In fact, it's weird but I did enjoy whizzing about like a crazy fool - it's just too fast and smooth not too!! Kudos to Microids for supporting the Atari STe hardware to such great effect. However, Sliders is very hard against the computer opponents and far better with friends for the best giggles. A good game which should be experienced using real [Atari STe] hardware.


 - If you have a hard drive then grab this version by 8BitChip.
 - Grab the floppy disks via Old Games Finder.

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