Saturday, May 13, 2017


Aranym is a fantastic piece of software that enables us to create a powerful Atari computer capable of running our favourite GEM software - but at lightning speeds. However, most find Aranym rather awkward to set up from scratch so a chap called Philippe Noble went and created something very special called EasyAraMint.

This is a ready-to-go installation based on EasyMint 1.18 and offers an incredible multitasking environment using the power of the host Mac/PC. As you can see in my expertly recorded video, I'm using my old Mac Mini which was recently given to me (thanks Mum!). This is running EasyAraMiNT where I run 'scp' and then view images/PDF. Then I listen to some cool tunes and play a little Doom before finishing off browsing the web!!

This software can be installed in minutes and comes stacked with a raft of Atari goodies included. Philippe has done an outstanding job and created a ready-2-go multitasking GEM platform which I highly recommend.

FTP, command line, image editing, and much more. What an awesome OS!!

Heck, why not browse the web, read a PDF and listen to some cool chiptunes?


  1. Replies
    1. Let us know how u get on :)

    2. Well, for starters, I don't understand the config key bindings :D

    3. It's been a while for me... but isn't there a doc file that explains this. Awkward ones for capturing the wallpaper as I remember... Hmm I think it's on his website!