Saturday, May 13, 2017


Aranym is a piece of software by Petr Stehlik to create a virtual Atari computer capable of running GEM software at lightning speeds. However, most find Aranym rather awkward to set up from scratch so a fella called Philippe Noble has created something called EasyAraMint which is a ready-to-go installation using EasyMint 1.18 so offers an incredible multitasking environment using the power of the host computer, be it a Mac or PC.

As you can see in my expertly recorded video, I'm using an old Mac Mini that was recently donated to me (thanks Mum!). My video shows me using the 'scp' copy command, viewing images, reading a PDF, listen to cool tunes, and playing Doom before ending with a little web browsing. Yes, this is as geeky as it gets and I love it!!

EasyAraMint can be installed in minutes and also comes pre-installed with many Atari programs. Philippe has done an outstanding job and created a ready-2-go multitasking GEM platform - which I highly recommend!!

- My Screenshots -

I accessed another Mac via FTP and chatted online to a friend. What a geek I am!!

The command line might not look much fun so I jazzed up this screenshot with PixArt...

Not all websites display perfectly but what do you expect for free? Good enough, I say :o)

After browsing the web, why not read a PDF document and listen to some background tunes too!


  1. Replies
    1. Let us know how u get on :)

    2. Well, for starters, I don't understand the config key bindings :D

    3. It's been a while for me... but isn't there a doc file that explains this. Awkward ones for capturing the wallpaper as I remember... Hmm I think it's on his website!