Saturday, May 13, 2017


Aranym is a fantastic (and free) piece of software that enables us to create a powerful Atari computer capable of running our favourite GEM software - at lightning speeds. However, many find Aranym too fiddly to set up, so a chap called Philippe Noble started some interesting projects, one being EaseAraMiNT. This is a ready-to-go installation based on EasyMint 1.18 and offers an incredible multitasking environment using the power of the host computer.

As you can see in my expertly recorded video, I am using an old Mac Mini which was recently given to me (thanks Mum!). I used SCP to transfer a file from my Mac onto this spanky new virtual Atari. Next, I opened a few pictures, a PDF, and then played some tunes before finally finishing off with a little Doom before browsing the web!

This system can be installed in minutes and comes stacked with a raft of Atari software with the potential to put your own stamp on an already excellent setup. Philippe has done an outstanding job and created a platform which is simply wonderful to work with and I highly recommend you should take EasyAraMiNT for a test drive.


 1) Firstly grab yourself a copy of Aranym (which also links to alternative options like AFROS and Xa-My-AES)
 2) Now download EasyAraMint and - STOP - because it's time to read the docs!
 3) Optionally, you can take a look at EasyAraMint's config file and can edit to allow network access and other options, such as running fullscreen rather than windowed, networking, and lots more.
 4) Philipp's other projects include a TOS 4.04 setup and the newest kid on the block - BeeKey!

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