Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kid GP

This is the third Dave Munsie game to be featured on AtariCrypt but it's one I'd never previously heard of. The idea is to frantically run around each screen avoiding the baddies and collecting all of the diamonds. Originally aimed at the younger audience but I have found it incredibly fun so there's hope for all of us... Or I'm just simple?

Collecting diamonds may sound easy but there are a variety of whacky creatures zipping about the screens. Each one loves getting in your way whilst others are looking to give a good chase. However, bump into one and a life is lost!! So it's a good job we can use a hammer to smack these blighters and send 'em packing. Yeah!

Okay, it might look ...umm... rather familiar but the gameplay is rock-solid awesomeness!!

The game rewards your vicious hammer attacks with lots of bonus fruits - before respawning them again. Magic mushroom power-ups are available for a range of cool effects that may boost or alter your visibility. A bonus timer is counting down and, if you manage to finish with time remaining, then you can build up points by grabbing lots of extra goodies? What this lacks in originality is more than made up for in gameplay!

Graphically, it's pretty and the sprites are gorgeous but those big-eyed blue faces will always make me smile - especially after I've clubbed them! Interestingly, you can flip between 50/60Hz and also three game speeds, at any time. Sound effects are great but a background tune would have been nice to break that silence...

Wow!! Look at all that gorgeous colour and beautiful fruit. Yum Yum get it all eaten up!

Kid GP is exhilarating and manically running around, collecting lots of diamonds and fruits whilst avoiding the silly-looking nasties is surprisingly challenging. The controls are perfect. Always responsive and I loved the ability to have two different jumping options - because the hammer only works horizontally. Which is my only gripe?

Dave Munsie may have originally intended this game for kids (my 7yr appreciates that) but there is no denying the positive effect that it's had on this big kid. Yes, I loved Kid GP so much. What a fantastic game!!

Stop whatever you're doing and download this wonderful game now

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