Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Ripped Off #87

Little madmen!

'Unnamed Intro' is quite a remarkable screen created by The Fingerbobs and used by Ripped Off for their 87th disk. This is one of those intros I have always loved because it's one of the most bewitching things I have ever seen. An astounding animated journey for dozens of little men, each one running around their whacky world is simply fascinating. It's different and I love that, so this makes for a mesmerising and entertaining treat.

Go on, pick any one guy and follow him throughout his silly journey. Brilliant STuff, I am sure you will agree!! :-)

Credits and download on Demozoo for Ripped Off #87 and Unnamed Intro.

Ripped Off Menu #087

Alex Herbert - Music
Caped Crusader - Code
Oberje - Code
Pixar - Graphics (Font)
Ronnie T. - Graphics
Stick - Graphics, Text, Other (Compilation, Packing)

Fingerbobs Intro

Griff - Code (Tracker-replay)
Oberje - Text
Pixar - Graphics, Text
Ray Norrish - Music
The Caped Crusader - Code, Text

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