Friday, March 05, 2021

Yet Another Atari RAM Test

Got a spare couple of hours?

It's been yonks since I posted anything in our Software section and here is a Ram testing utility that I think is the bee's knees. Yet Another Atari RAM Test, by Christian Zietz, rolls through a number of intense tests that execute in-depth algorithms to help diagnose potential problems with our beloved Atari computers.

I won't pretend to understand the technical wizardry but I love finding utilities like this. I want my ST healthy so, I've had it running for what feels like a lifetime and it's not (yet) found any errors. This is excellent news but I'm also thinking that this program might be helpful to anyone experiencing anomalies or peculiar crashes.

Yes, I enjoy finding nifty programs like this lurking in the ST archives and I hope YAART proves helpful if you're suffering hardware problems? The download comes ready to support the ST/STe/TT/Falcon but take a moment to read the text file and also try to boot cleanly with as much spare Ram as possible (read YAART.TXT)

I hope you guys have healthy Atari computers? Let me know in the comments below. Good luck!!


  1. Useful utility to check the memory health. Stf memory modules are getting more and more difficult to find. Fortunately st computers are sturdy.

    1. I agree. In the end, I got bored after about an hour. Figured my STe was nice and healthy heh