Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Let's go way back...

I strangely felt the need to compensate for my recent gaming horror (watch me embarrassingly struggling with Platform Capers). So, Dave Munsie has rushed to the rescue with his adaption of the 8-Bit classic, Berzerk. However, I admit I had my fingers crossed when first loading - hoping it didn't suck compared to the great 2600/5200 games!!

Once again, we are the wobbly stickman intruder running through randomly generated screens killing robots. Interestingly, these robot guys are a mixed bunch - some dumb enough to fry themselves on the electrified walls, whilst others are amazingly accurate shooters. Try to kill them all and collect the bonus reward otherwise, you're called a chicken!! Otto is as fearless as ever and only too eager to rear his smiley mug and chase you across the screen.

Some (those under 40) might scoff at the boring and blocky graphics. Yes, I appreciate that they aren't spruced up to ST standards but that would have ruined the authenticity completely. Also, I love the speech synthesis which is spot-on perfect and makes me grin like the Cheshire Cat. "Chicken, fight like a robot" -this is brilliant and I love it all!!

Berzerk is fantastic. This is one of the best 8-Bit conversions I have ever played. Overall, an easy 10/10 from me!!

- Download the floppies from Stonish -

Shoot those angry robots before they shoot you!

Then again, some will kill themselves cos they're stoopid!


  1. Dave was / is a genius! He brought some great classic games back to the ST.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I genuinely think he made some belters :)