Monday, December 04, 2017


Creepy is about to enter a castle owned by The Lord Of Darkness to find four pieces of the Necromancy Scroll. That should help to defeat this nasty man and restore peace to a land ravaged by all kinds of evil monsters. Released by Atlantis Software in 1991, it may sound like yet another predictable good vs evil affair but just wait until you play it! Some might say it's inspired but really it's nothing more than a shameless Atic Atac rip-off.

The Lord's castle is huge with every room constantly spawning a whacky bunch of evil monsters. Some are easy to kill but others are a lot harder, like the She-Warriors who ride on dragons. She might be tough but, if you defeat her, then Puff is left behind so hop on and take this magic dragon for a spin. Watch out for other nasties like the odd-looking Frankenstein and a ginormous spider - that had Mr Creepy running away like a big girl!!

We are equipped with arrows but these are slow so it's best to upgrade to something better in the castle's shop. Yes, this castle has a shop with which to buy various upgrades, like health and fireballs using the money collected during our quest. I really liked the fireball weapon and restoring health is always a wise purchase. Locked doors can be opened with the correct key and tiny yellow keys will unlock treasure chests that adorn many rooms. Gamblers will love these as you never know what's inside - something useful or something sinister?

Creepy isn't a carbon-copy clone of Ultimate's classic and plays a lot quicker with other subtle differences within a castle that is far more dingier than the colourful ZX Spectrum game. It did take me a while to feel comfortable with the extra speed but it wasn't long until I was zipping through the screens like a crazy medieval dude.

Monsters won't aimlessly wander around your screens because this time they sure love to play chase - at the expense of your energy level. And this is now displayed using a crunchy apple rather than the brilliant roast turkey health meter. Also, a life loss no longer leaves behind a Cross where we breathed our last breath. And I still haven't made up my mind which game has the best effect of falling between floors...

Okay, those old enough to have gasped in awe at Ultimate's 1983 classic will probably turn up their nose at this blatant imitation. However, I am incredibly impressed by the fast and furious oldskool gameplay, which is a lotta fun. Of course, Atic Atac wins this battle hands down but I still think Creepy has much to offer - because it's a great game in its own right. I enjoyed it a bunch and highly recommend you play this nostalgic 48K impersonator.


 - 8BitChip has a hard drive installable game which also contains a scan of the manual and infinite lives!
 - Floppy disks can be nabbed off Stonish and Zuul #140 is a fantastic disk to choose.

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